Black and White…?

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In my opinion, the hardest thing about choosing a new color, or theme, for a room is shopping for those perfect pieces that go with your vision for the space.

So often, we find beautiful examples of rooms in magazines, but finding (and affording!) those items is a real challenge!

Life works in those ways, doesn’t it? The stores will be full of a color, lets say purple…and when you finally decide, Hey, I would like to re-decorate using the color purple – it’s all gone. Stores have moved on to green. Colors change with seasons, fashion trends, etc. so shopping can be difficult – even when you are just trying to replace something that broke in your home! If it’s not the right season, or the color is now considered out of style…well, good luck!

I am currently helping a good friend of mine re-decorate her formal dining area. She decided to go with a very classy black and white design. While she was able to find new serve ware, tablecloths and wallpaper in black and/or white, we had a heck of a time finding her a new area rug. I have never had such a difficult time in stores searching for the most BASIC of colors! Look closely at most rugs, and you will find that white is a hard color to come by! Most actually use an off-white, ivory or light gray.

When you are decorating a room in black and white, off-white just doesn’t cut it! Use PURE colors!

After many hours and stores of searching, we finally had to move to the internet. The crummy thing about shopping on the web for rugs is that you can’t touch them for softness factors, nor can you see them closely to inspect the quality. For this reason, be sure to consider buying from a reputable manufacturer, or one that allows for no-hassle returns that include free return shipping!

Here are a few of the rugs we considered:

This option, by Joseph Abboud at Rug Studio, looks to have that “run your toes through it” comfy sort of style. While it is a beautiful rug, we decided a fluffy rug would not work well under a formal dining set. If food should spill, it is best to have a low weave for easy clean up.


While this stunning Simple Morocco rug at Target really caught our eye, we felt the design was too matchy-matchy to her chosen wallpaper.


We really loved the simplicity of this design, The Resort Pomona. It is simple, yet bold – exactly the look we were going for! It will really help tie everything together in the dining area space in a fun, classy way! We also felt the price is extremely reasonable, and love how the site offered us no sales tax for purchases over $99. This one is a keeper!

So great to finally finish rug shopping – I swear, shopping shouldn’t be so difficult when you know exactly what you want!


Pine Cone Wreath

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I don’t know why we skip Thanksgiving…

Retailers are already decorating for the Christmas season, so I guess it puts us in the mood before we ever think about slicing in to that turkey and pumpkin pie!

While I do currently have a fall wreath on my door with beautiful orange, brown and yellow leaves, I am already planning my winter holiday decor.

My neighbor has a million pine cones on their front lawn and he told me I could help myself to them. I thought this wreath would be simple enough to re-create using the free pine cones and some red berries from Hobby Lobby. The only problem is that the natural ones don’t have that delicious cinnamon scent that the store bought ones have! I want guests to come to my front door and just SMELL the holiday in the air!

But have no fear! Save a ton of money by following this tutorial I found at Suzys Sitcom that shows you how to scent your own pine cones in the oven!

And now I have that old song in my head – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….

More Creepy DIY Halloween Decor!

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With Halloween just 1 week away, I am preparing to turn our home into the spookiest house on the street!

I know, my kids aren’t quite old enough to help with the extremely nasty stuff, as I mentioned in my previous post…but I get so thrilled with creepy decor! So, I am having a friend over this weekend for a DIY scary Halloween decor project day! A little wine and a lot of blood red paint should make for a lot of scary decorations, don’t you think?!

Here are a couple ideas that I had to share with you all. These are sure to creep out your neighbors!

This charred skeleton uses foam insulation (you know, the stuff that expands when you spray it out of the can?) to create an extremely gory effect. Can you imagine the look on kids faces when they see this walking up to your front door?! I think this is scary enough to even creep out the parents!


EEEWWWW! Head in a jar!!! This makes me get goosebumps. It also reminds me of Silence of the Lambs for some reason…I don’t know why. While the tutorial uses a printed face, I wonder if I could use a wide mouth jar and a costume mask? A couple years ago, I found an amazing deal on masks at a drugstore after Halloween. I grabbed five or so masks for about $2 apiece. If I cut the back half off and roll it really tight, I think I could get it in a larger Mason jar. Maybe I could even add a glow stick in the jar for added creepiness? What about adding a few drops of red food coloring?

With Halloween decor, the ideas are never ending! If you come up with something extra special, I would love to share it! Send me your photos!

Spooky Trees

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When my siblings and I were younger, junior high/ high school, we got a real big kick out of scaring the neighborhood children on Halloween. I feel bad about that now… we had little Princesses and Ninja Turtles screaming and in tears! Sad, yes, but it was oh so fun for us back then!

We would decorate our lawn with all sorts of masks scarecrow creatures. Then we would wear costumes that looked just like them! It was a real haunted house – the kids never knew which was a real person or not! Being a corner home, we also had a great opportunity to board up windows to make out house look abandoned. We had homemade tombstones and would cover everything in spider webs and use black lights.

I know I am an adult now, but I just can’t help but think of those days. I want my kids to have that same scary Halloween experience! I found this great sort of weeping willow tree online that lights up at night. I think a couple of these would look perfect on a cloudy or foggy Halloween night!

Because the lighted trees are a bit on the pricey side, I am also considering these wire trees. These would still create a spooky effect, but they are only about 10″ tall…more for indoor decor, I suppose. But I can’t imagine they are too difficult to make ourselves. My husband has a friend who is some sort of electrician or something – he constantly has a selection of old wires in his truck. I bet I could bundle them up and make a larger one myself?

I can’t wait until my kids get older and can participate in handing out candy and decorating. I love to be the scary house on the street!


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Ok, I get that you came here to read a blog about home and crafts, etc., but today I wanted to share a little bit of NERD about myself. I apologize in advance!

My husband has always been into gaming… not hard core, but enough for me to call him a gamer, I suppose. But for some reason, it has never been something I was interested in. I guess I never understood why in the world people could spend hours of their life shooting at a screen. When we had children, I said they would Never be allowed to play these games – children should play outside!

Fast forward to a couple months ago, when a good friend of mine (a gamer) sent me a link to a video that talked about how gaming is actually proven to be beneficial to people. Among other things, this video claimed that gaming teaches life lessons, helps with reflexes, helps with depression and anxiety and, believe it or not, actually helps to lower your stress levels. I didn’t believe this as each time in my life that I was coaxed into playing a game, I felt tense and stressed. I couldn’t keep my Mario Cart on the speedway and I couldn’t shoot the bad guys fast enough. Losing is stressful!!

Fast forward again to 2 weeks ago. My husband came to me with a new game he got called Minecraft. I guess it has been around a while, so you all may know it already, but it is new to me! Anyway, he thought I might enjoy it and asked me to give it a try. With that video in mind, I decided to try it and see if it did, in fact, help with my stress levels. Guess what? 2 weeks of gaming, I just can’t put it down! It is not a race, or a true “killing” game, but instead a game that lets you do whatever you want. I have built house, bug for diamonds, planted a garden and even hung pictures on the wall in my new, digital life!

There you go, I am officially a NERD.

I just can’t get enough of Minecraft.

So in getting back to my original Home-2-Me agenda, crafts and things for the home, here is what I searched for this morning in attempts to create a Minecraft Halloween for my lovely, game loving, nerd of a family:


Photo Source:

I don’t know what these green guys are called, but I call them the Exploding Zombies. Whatever they are, I am sure that I need to have another baby just to dress it up as cute as this little guy above! What happened to me?! Why am I excited about a video game?! I just can’t help it…


Minecraft Pumpkins! I am doing this! Visit AlphaMom to learn how to make these!



Photo Source:

Perfect for parents to wear if you are interested in dressing up a bit to create an entire Minecraft family costume! It looks like they are currently sold out, but maybe they will get more in stock before Halloween.

Again, I apologize for my nerdiness today. I will sign off saying that everyone should give Minecraft a try! Haha.

Thanks for reading ;)

Pumpkins with Flowers!

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As much as I hate to see summer behind us, there are many reasons I am happy to see a change of season.

First of all, I love clearance! Kohls has some great summer clearance right now – I was able to get a few new workout tops for less than $4 each this weekend. Can you say Score?!

Second, as much as I hate how retailers begin the holiday season so many months in advance, I do enjoy the festive décor arriving in stores. Though the weather is still on the warmer side, seeing all the decorations makes me want to pull out all my coats, scarves and boots to prepare for the winter!

I also have a thing for all things pumpkin related. Who doesn’t, right? I mean pumpkin pie, pumpkin lattes, pumpkin bread, pumpkin scented candles…I was at Trader Joes the other day and bought some pumpkin pastries (like Pop Tarts!) and just can’t wait to try them!



If you are looking to start decorating your home with pumpkins, look at this fun idea above using flowers to cover up a pumpkin! I love this country, girly look for the fall. Use real flowers and pumpkins for a neat centerpiece idea, or use silk flowers and a craft store pumpkin for re-usable front porch décor.

I also think this would be adorable for a little girl – paint the pumpkin pink (or her favorite color) and cover with pink gerber daisies or small daisies from the garden!

Bathroom Over the Toilet Storage

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With two kids at home, I need all the storage I can get – especially in my guest bathroom, as that is where the tub is.

If you have kids, you know what this is like. Company comes over and they practically have to trip over rubber duckies, bath towels and floaty toys just to use the toilet! But plastic bins are SO ugly, you kind of lose touch with the whole “I am a grown up with a clean house” mentality. So I am wondering if any of you readers have great bathroom organization ideas? Ideas that not only serve a purpose in hiding all those toys, but also make the space feel a little formal (and clean!) to my guests?

One thing I absolutely hate are those cheap, white, covered particle board over the toilet things. You know, the tacky ones you get at big box retailers? You put the thing together and it is already tipping over and ready to break. I am looking at this one below, it looks like I can add baskets in the cubbies and has a great little faux granite bottom shelf.

It is also not that much more expensive than those ugly white ones – I see it for about $80 online (see image link above). I also love the finished look on the sides and top.

What do you all think? Any good suggestions for moms who are tripping over the bath toys?

Funny Bath Plug

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Ok, so yesterday I was on Amazon looking at bathroom decor items and came across this HILARIOUS bath plug.

I just had to share it with you because it was just too funny. I have never seen a decorative bath plug before. This fish plug seems to open the door for a whole new world of customized possibilities…


Image Source:

If you are interested in this “Stuck! Fish Bath Plug” , follow image link above! This would make a really funny gag gift!

Making Use of Old Ladders

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Whether you have an old ladder sitting in the garage or you just came across a rusty old wooden one at a fabulous yard sale, ladders can be a fun way to add a rustic, earthy or vintage vibe to your home. Not only that, but there is a great up-cycle opportunity for you when you are keeping the ladder out of the landfill!

I have seen so many great uses for old ladders that it is hard to keep track of. My mother is a great fan of them – she probably has half a dozen of them through the house. She keeps her quilts hanging for show in one of them and switches them out seasonally, another for knick knacks in the living room, another in the garden. They are great because you can let them get the rustic old wood look, white wash them or do a vintage bright color that suits your home decor.

Here are some of my favorite ideas:

What a great way to display your book collection! This is practical in so many ways – I love that it is cheap and it keeps the bottom of the wall open for other storage opportunities. Find the tutorial by clicking the image link above.



Image Source:

If you are looking for a great way to add some color and detail to your garden, this is a great way to do so. I am not a fan of geraniums myself, but I could see this looking really cute with a different herb on each step of the ladder. You could even paint the name of the herb on the side, or put a nail in the side and hang a little name tag on it if you want to switch it up every so often.


Image Source:

If your kitchen is small like mine, you know that pots and pans are just a huge storage space killer. They take up multiple cupboards and are really just a hassle to organize! This idea not only adds a bit of whimsy to your kitchen, but is very, very practical. If you have low ceilings, I have also seen something similar done just resting the ladder up against the wall with the pots hanging down the ladder. Either way, this idea is sure to free up some cupboard space!



Image Source:

Ok, well technically this is not an old and rustic ladder, but I love the idea of organizing all the bath towels and soaps on this Pottery Barn storage ladder. Again, this is a serious space saver if your bathroom is large enough to handle this because it keeps the linen closet free of all these towels! My guest bathroom is not quite big enough for this, but it makes me think about hanging a short ladder horizontally on the wall and attaching little hanging baskets for towels and soaps.

Yellow and Gray Spaces

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I am loving the idea of a yellow and gray room.

I often feel like gray is a dark and cloudy day sort of color, but mixed with the sunshine of yellow it really spruces a room up to a super chic and modern look! So today I wanted to share with you a few great ideas or options in creating your very own space using these stunning colors!



I think my absolute favorite part of the space above is that great chair! Notice that it is gray on the back side and, if you look closely, you see the front side is yellow. The daffodils add the smallest splash of color, making the room have a home-like feel with attention to detail.

Every room needs a stunning piece of art and for a gray and yellow room, this piece really does the trick. This can be purchased by Great Big Canvas, the photo is one taken by Robbie George of National Geographic.

What a great use of color here. I love the addition of black and the use of many shades of gray and yellow. The old chest is finished just perfectly to keep this room looking modern, comfortable and keep the eye moving with so much happening – yet it still feels simple and basic.

This pillow is fantastic! I am loving the classy feel of this and the yellow adds a bold, feminine splash of color. This shop offers many styles and colors of great flower pillows so it is worth checking out no matter what your style or choice of color may be!