Black and White…?

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In my opinion, the hardest thing about choosing a new color, or theme, for a room is shopping for those perfect pieces that go with your vision for the space.

So often, we find beautiful examples of rooms in magazines, but finding (and affording!) those items is a real challenge!

Life works in those ways, doesn’t it? The stores will be full of a color, lets say purple…and when you finally decide, Hey, I would like to re-decorate using the color purple – it’s all gone. Stores have moved on to green. Colors change with seasons, fashion trends, etc. so shopping can be difficult – even when you are just trying to replace something that broke in your home! If it’s not the right season, or the color is now considered out of style…well, good luck!

I am currently helping a good friend of mine re-decorate her formal dining area. She decided to go with a very classy black and white design. While she was able to find new serve ware, tablecloths and wallpaper in black and/or white, we had a heck of a time finding her a new area rug. I have never had such a difficult time in stores searching for the most BASIC of colors! Look closely at most rugs, and you will find that white is a hard color to come by! Most actually use an off-white, ivory or light gray.

When you are decorating a room in black and white, off-white just doesn’t cut it! Use PURE colors!

After many hours and stores of searching, we finally had to move to the internet. The crummy thing about shopping on the web for rugs is that you can’t touch them for softness factors, nor can you see them closely to inspect the quality. For this reason, be sure to consider buying from a reputable manufacturer, or one that allows for no-hassle returns that include free return shipping!

Here are a few of the rugs we considered:

This option, by Joseph Abboud at Rug Studio, looks to have that “run your toes through it” comfy sort of style. While it is a beautiful rug, we decided a fluffy rug would not work well under a formal dining set. If food should spill, it is best to have a low weave for easy clean up.


While this stunning Simple Morocco rug at Target really caught our eye, we felt the design was too matchy-matchy to her chosen wallpaper.


We really loved the simplicity of this design, The Resort Pomona. It is simple, yet bold – exactly the look we were going for! It will really help tie everything together in the dining area space in a fun, classy way! We also felt the price is extremely reasonable, and love how the site offered us no sales tax for purchases over $99. This one is a keeper!

So great to finally finish rug shopping – I swear, shopping shouldn’t be so difficult when you know exactly what you want!


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