Pine Cone Wreath

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I don’t know why we skip Thanksgiving…

Retailers are already decorating for the Christmas season, so I guess it puts us in the mood before we ever think about slicing in to that turkey and pumpkin pie!

While I do currently have a fall wreath on my door with beautiful orange, brown and yellow leaves, I am already planning my winter holiday decor.

My neighbor has a million pine cones on their front lawn and he told me I could help myself to them. I thought this wreath would be simple enough to re-create using the free pine cones and some red berries from Hobby Lobby. The only problem is that the natural ones don’t have that delicious cinnamon scent that the store bought ones have! I want guests to come to my front door and just SMELL the holiday in the air!

But have no fear! Save a ton of money by following this tutorial I found at Suzys Sitcom that shows you how to scent your own pine cones in the oven!

And now I have that old song in my head – It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas….


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