More Creepy DIY Halloween Decor!

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With Halloween just 1 week away, I am preparing to turn our home into the spookiest house on the street!

I know, my kids aren’t quite old enough to help with the extremely nasty stuff, as I mentioned in my previous post…but I get so thrilled with creepy decor! So, I am having a friend over this weekend for a DIY scary Halloween decor project day! A little wine and a lot of blood red paint should make for a lot of scary decorations, don’t you think?!

Here are a couple ideas that I had to share with you all. These are sure to creep out your neighbors!

This charred skeleton uses foam insulation (you know, the stuff that expands when you spray it out of the can?) to create an extremely gory effect. Can you imagine the look on kids faces when they see this walking up to your front door?! I think this is scary enough to even creep out the parents!


EEEWWWW! Head in a jar!!! This makes me get goosebumps. It also reminds me of Silence of the Lambs for some reason…I don’t know why. While the tutorial uses a printed face, I wonder if I could use a wide mouth jar and a costume mask? A couple years ago, I found an amazing deal on masks at a drugstore after Halloween. I grabbed five or so masks for about $2 apiece. If I cut the back half off and roll it really tight, I think I could get it in a larger Mason jar. Maybe I could even add a glow stick in the jar for added creepiness? What about adding a few drops of red food coloring?

With Halloween decor, the ideas are never ending! If you come up with something extra special, I would love to share it! Send me your photos!


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