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Ok, I get that you came here to read a blog about home and crafts, etc., but today I wanted to share a little bit of NERD about myself. I apologize in advance!

My husband has always been into gaming… not hard core, but enough for me to call him a gamer, I suppose. But for some reason, it has never been something I was interested in. I guess I never understood why in the world people could spend hours of their life shooting at a screen. When we had children, I said they would Never be allowed to play these games – children should play outside!

Fast forward to a couple months ago, when a good friend of mine (a gamer) sent me a link to a video that talked about how gaming is actually proven to be beneficial to people. Among other things, this video claimed that gaming teaches life lessons, helps with reflexes, helps with depression and anxiety and, believe it or not, actually helps to lower your stress levels. I didn’t believe this as each time in my life that I was coaxed into playing a game, I felt tense and stressed. I couldn’t keep my Mario Cart on the speedway and I couldn’t shoot the bad guys fast enough. Losing is stressful!!

Fast forward again to 2 weeks ago. My husband came to me with a new game he got called Minecraft. I guess it has been around a while, so you all may know it already, but it is new to me! Anyway, he thought I might enjoy it and asked me to give it a try. With that video in mind, I decided to try it and see if it did, in fact, help with my stress levels. Guess what? 2 weeks of gaming, I just can’t put it down! It is not a race, or a true “killing” game, but instead a game that lets you do whatever you want. I have built house, bug for diamonds, planted a garden and even hung pictures on the wall in my new, digital life!

There you go, I am officially a NERD.

I just can’t get enough of Minecraft.

So in getting back to my original Home-2-Me agenda, crafts and things for the home, here is what I searched for this morning in attempts to create a Minecraft Halloween for my lovely, game loving, nerd of a family:


Photo Source: pics5.this-pic.com

I don’t know what these green guys are called, but I call them the Exploding Zombies. Whatever they are, I am sure that I need to have another baby just to dress it up as cute as this little guy above! What happened to me?! Why am I excited about a video game?! I just can’t help it…


Minecraft Pumpkins! I am doing this! Visit AlphaMom to learn how to make these!



Photo Source: www.thinkgeek.com

Perfect for parents to wear if you are interested in dressing up a bit to create an entire Minecraft family costume! It looks like they are currently sold out, but maybe they will get more in stock before Halloween.

Again, I apologize for my nerdiness today. I will sign off saying that everyone should give Minecraft a try! Haha.

Thanks for reading ;)


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