Bathroom Over the Toilet Storage


With two kids at home, I need all the storage I can get – especially in my guest bathroom, as that is where the tub is.

If you have kids, you know what this is like. Company comes over and they practically have to trip over rubber duckies, bath towels and floaty toys just to use the toilet! But plastic bins are SO ugly, you kind of lose touch with the whole “I am a grown up with a clean house” mentality. So I am wondering if any of you readers have great bathroom organization ideas? Ideas that not only serve a purpose in hiding all those toys, but also make the space feel a little formal (and clean!) to my guests?

One thing I absolutely hate are those cheap, white, covered particle board over the toilet things. You know, the tacky ones you get at big box retailers? You put the thing together and it is already tipping over and ready to break. I am looking at this one below, it looks like I can add baskets in the cubbies and has a great little faux granite bottom shelf.

It is also not that much more expensive than those ugly white ones – I see it for about $80 online (see image link above). I also love the finished look on the sides and top.

What do you all think? Any good suggestions for moms who are tripping over the bath toys?


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