Yellow and Gray Spaces

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I am loving the idea of a yellow and gray room.

I often feel like gray is a dark and cloudy day sort of color, but mixed with the sunshine of yellow it really spruces a room up to a super chic and modern look! So today I wanted to share with you a few great ideas or options in creating your very own space using these stunning colors!



I think my absolute favorite part of the space above is that great chair! Notice that it is gray on the back side and, if you look closely, you see the front side is yellow. The daffodils add the smallest splash of color, making the room have a home-like feel with attention to detail.

Every room needs a stunning piece of art and for a gray and yellow room, this piece really does the trick. This can be purchased by Great Big Canvas, the photo is one taken by Robbie George of National Geographic.

What a great use of color here. I love the addition of black and the use of many shades of gray and yellow. The old chest is finished just perfectly to keep this room looking modern, comfortable and keep the eye moving with so much happening – yet it still feels simple and basic.

This pillow is fantastic! I am loving the classy feel of this and the yellow adds a bold, feminine splash of color. This shop offers many styles and colors of great flower pillows so it is worth checking out no matter what your style or choice of color may be!


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