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Choosing rugs for the home can be a little intimidating.

It is really difficult for most of us to make a large priced purchase that is essentially the statement piece for the room. We want to show our style, but it can be hard to know how bold a room can go or how to match furniture and paint colors. The hardest of all rooms, in my opinion, is the front entry way. You want the rug to welcome your guests into a comforting home, but you may also want it to be a bit more formal as it is the first thing your guests will see. You also want the rug to be somewhat consistent of the style or feel of the rest of your home.

Here are some of my favorite entry rugs:

This beautifully colored Tuscan Dawn Moroccan Trellis in Titanium would be a stunning addition to a front entry. I can picture it with a black bench and umbrella stand, a lighter gray or ivory wall color and a black picture frames with black and white family pictures.

If you have a larger, open entry way a round rug is a great way to go! This rug, Shaw Living Christine in brown, is an elegant way to welcome your guests. If you love it but just do not have the right space, do not worry – it also comes in standard, rectangular sizes.

This bold, yet tastefully muted Artistic Weavers Blossoms rug in Rust is one of my favorites. This would look great with all kinds of decor styles. If you need a basic wall color, choose the tan as a great match with dark brown furniture and some red accents like a great rust colored entry table vase.

No matter what your style, it is in your best interest to stay on the muted side with your entry area. Picture your home being bright red, with bear rugs and giant tikis on the walls with bold, Native America style decor. Instead of overwhelming your guests in the entry, try to tone it down just a little bit. Maybe choose a monochromatic entry rug – choose a color that is consistently through your home and add a little wall decor with your style. Your guests will feel welcome into your home with a little bit of your style and as you lead them through, it will grow on them in a fabulous way! It will also bring in great conversation as you lead them through your home and you can begin to tell stories of where you got your decor, your travels, etc. Just remember that if you overwhelm them with your belongings, your guests are less likely to feel immediately welcome in your home!


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