A Few Ideas for Creating a Fabulous Front Porch

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There are so many thing in life that I dream about, and having a porch is one of them.

I never considered the idea until visiting some friends who live in the south. Nearly every single house on their street had a porch – families were hanging out sipping lemonade just like you might see in a movie from the good old days. Where I live, houses really don’t have much of a front yard at all. We have a small patch of grass with a tree, then a basic driveway that leads to the garage.

So after visiting these southern homes, I became inspired (okay, completely obsessed) with the idea of creating a porch at our home. While we currently cannot afford to do so, we decided we would start setting aside some money with the intention of creating a porch in the somewhat near future.

While I do not think many of these will work with our current home, here are some ideas that we are “considering”!


image – BobVila.com

I love watching anything from Bob Vila, and this image above came from his site. I think this idea is the most practical for our home, in a matching sense, since we do have this wood plank style of home. Bob Vila calls this the Bungalow style, which I guess is what our home is? I think it would be pretty with stone on the bottom portion, but I think that gets fairly pricey.

Initially, I thought our home would not be able to have a porch because of its lack of dimension. Our outer walls are mostly flat with not much overhang. If you have the same style of house, never fear! I found this home on Front-Porch-Ideas-And-More and hope you will go visit the site to see the”before” image for this home. While I am sure the renovations cost far more than I can afford, I keep this image as a reference when I am dreaming about a porch. It is an absolutely stunning home!


image – www.bhg.com

Lastly is this home from Better Homes and Gardens. I absolutely love the idea of creating a sort of circular porch like this. It would add a lot of beauty and dimension, and probably value, to our home. Not only that, but it looks far more practical – I could fit a small round table on the deck for more seating!

Summertime always makes me want to work on the house! I am determined to make this porch idea into more than just a dream ;)


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