Switch Plates – Say Goodbye to Plain and Boring!

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If you are like me, your house is probably filled with white light switch plates.

They came with the house. And if they aren’t broken, why fix them?!

Well, I will tell you why! Tucker, my son, came on a shopping trip with me the other day. You know how kids are – they see something they want and they just have to have it! Well he started throwing a fit over a switch plate that had Thomas the Train on it. I said no, he was not getting anything if he was going to act like a “bad boy”. But once he calmed down and we had left the store, he asked me politely. So once he finished his chores, I told him we could look at the internet and find something he liked.

My internet search for switch plate covers was an eye-opener. I guess it is actually a thing to decorate your switch plates! I grew up with white ones and have had white everywhere I have lived. But a little time on the internet can open your world up to all sorts of new ideas!

Unfortunately for Tucker, I had to say no to his favorite, only because I thought he was a bit too young for it. It might have given him (or ME!!) nightmares. This Nasty, but oh so amazing light switch plate show below from Etsy shop DogzillaLives is made from polymer clay and completely disgusts me in the greatest of ways! I have a friend who would Love to have one for her art studio, but my Tucker will have to wait a few years ;)

switch 2

If you are looking for something a bit more guest- friendly for your home, I absolutely fell in love with these filigree style covers from Wallplatesonline, shown below. So much more beautiful from the standard, cheap white nonsense I have been using for the last 30+ years! These seem like they will add value to your home when selling because they are just so pretty ;) . They come in all sorts of sizes for your whole house.


If you want to match your home decor completely, or add a bit of vintage look, try the tutorial from the image below, Whimsically Homemade. Seeing this vintage style makes me think it would be fun to copy and paste on a family heirloom recipe or an old wedding photo for the kitchen light switches!


As for Tucker, his decision was to go back to the store for the Thomas the Train! What can I say, my child knows what he want when he sees it ;)


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